Scar tissue release

21 Sep 2023 11:56 AM
Scar tissue release

The power of old scars

I never appreciated the effect that scars had on us until I learnt how to release old scar tissue.  Not only can scars effect us physically, but emotionally as well.  

I underestimated how many of my clients have scars, and how some underlying problems could be changed from doing scar tissue release work on them. 

Scars form as a natural response to skin trauma either by laceration or puncture from surgery or by accident.

Scars can shrink over time and create uneven tensions within the body structure, they can have a dragging sensation and pulling effect on surrounding joints and tissue. This can reflect physically in a loss of flexibility, pain, tingling, numbness, hypersensitivity, posture distortion, feeling of coldness, burning sensation just to name a few effects. 

There are so many types of scars that can be worked with to create a change.

Hysterectomy scars, c-sections, mastectomy scars, amputation scars, spinal surgery, carpel tunnel scarslymph node removal and scars from skin growths. The list is endless.

Sometimes while working on scars an emotional release can happen as well. We sometimes attach an emotional response to scars because of the way the were acquired.

Some of the feedback I’ve received from clients after this gentle work on their scars has been very rewarding.

*C-section scar x 2- 16 & 18 year old scar 

“I’ve always felt like I needed to cover it up, it was tight and kind of ugly.  Now it’s softened so much, I’m not that aware of it and now I feel it and it’s a lovely reminder of having my two children. 


*Double mastectomy scar from tumour removal- 4 and 6 year old scars. Scars ran from left arm pit to the right arm pit and she was unable to lift her arms more than 90 degrees in front of her body.

 “It feels so much softer now and I realise I used to keep trying to move the skin around it because it was so tight feeling and restrictive. I don’t need to do that anymore and I’m able to lift my arms above my head. The lymph doesn’t build up so much anymore either. 


*Hip replacement scar- 4 year old scar.

 Client has had ongoing stinging sensation with a noticeable painful spot on the scar and lower back pain.

“I’ve had persistent pain around the scar and lower back pain and into my hip. The sore spot that was in the scar line isn’t so bad now and it feels softer to touch.  I’ve got more movement and not so much pain. “ I can’t wait for the last session to see if it changes more.


*Underarm scar from lymph node removal- 8 year old scar.

Client had restricted arm movement and been getting should pain that wakes her during the night.

“ I don’t know how that works but I slept through the night, first time in ages I don’t have shoulder pain any more.”


So think about the scars you might have regardless of scar size and scar age.

Ever thought how they may be effecting you?



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