Emmett Technique Gold coast


Emmett technique is for the person who is experiencing pain or discomfort somewhere in their body. Or for those who are finding their flexibility and strength being compromised because their muscle and skeletal system is not working as it should.

The Emmett Technique provides natural pain relief. I have used Emmett Therapy in my Banora Point clinic near the Gold Coast, on clients of all ages from 15 days old to 102 years old.

Emmett Therapy is an excellent, gentle therapy for pain relief from many common conditions including:


chronic pain


fibromyalgia pain


Sleeping problems

lower back pain

ankle and foot pain - plantar fasciitis

post surgery recovery

wrist pain-carpel tunnel

hip pain



stress and anxiety

balance problems

knee pain

shoulder pain - frozen shoulder


neck restriction

weak bladder - incontinence

and much more



Put simply, a light application of pressure on certain points on the body trigger the release of particular muscle groups and reset them to work as they should. Often, clients feel and observe changes taking place during the Emmett therapy treatment.

Symptoms that have been known to be relieved using Emmett Therapy

  • Release of tight or painful hamstrings to allow more flexibility
  • Relief from calf muscle cramps, restless leg syndrome, foot and heel pain such as plantar fasciitis
  • Hip and back pain relief, sciatica pain relief
  • Swelling or oedema of the legs can be reduced
  • Shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, stiff (wry) necks can have an increase in range of movement
  • Pain relief for sufferers of head congestion, sinus and headaches
  • Increased stability and balance
  • Carpel tunnel relief 



If your body or muscles are put under a stress from repetitive movements, overuse or trauma from work, exercise, sport or sudden unexpected movements, then the brain/body connection "turn" muscles off to protect them from further injury or trauma.

This can be observed by the person experiencing pain, or physically seeing the body out of alignment or noticing loss of balance or strength in certain muscle movements. An Emmett therapy session enables the brains' response patterning to alter the state of the muscle to create a corrective change on the muscle action. Muscle tension is then released so the muscle can work as it should.


Emmett technique uses the lightest of touches on relevant sensory and muscular receptors to activate a reaction between the nervous system and the muscles. This is known as strong sensory response, which triggers the release of a particular muscle contraction to relax. 



Anyone can benefit from Emmett Therapy Technique. It can be used for a range of symptoms and provides clients with quick results, less treatment time, and giving the least amount of client discomfort.

It is an excellent way to improve performance for athletes by reducing body stress, releasing muscle tension, giving them improved body symmetry, alignment, balance and stability.

Golfers can improve their grip strength, increase hip flexor mobility to improve their golf swing and hitting distance and hopefully reduce their handicap 

Muscle release around the neck and shoulders, gives fantastic relief for stiff or wry neck and can also greatly reduce headache pain.

Sinus sufferers will appreciate a sinus drain, immediate effects are usually noticeable. The sinus drain is also especially helpful for babies with congestion.

Heartburn discomfort can be relieved almost instantly, with lasting results.

It is a safe natural pain relief system for pregnancy.

Babies who can't turn their head to feed properly, can be treated with a gentle safe Emmett therapy movement.

For the elderly, better circulation, more stability and balance.

Incontinence, that embarrassing, inconvenient affliction that can affect all ages in both women and men, can be managed beautifully with Emmett Therapy. One non invasive treatment is often all that is required.

There is an Emmett Technique lymphatic drainage procedure, which has a profound effect on the lymphatic system to kickstart the body systems.People feeling tired or sluggish from illness or overwork or just tense muscles find this method helpful. Women who have had mastectomies can benefit greatly from this procedure along with scar tissue release work that I offer.



I assess your stance, range of movement, any abnormal posture, such as one shoulder higher than the other, the head held to one side, a preference for standing on one leg more than the other etc. These are all indications of the body not working as it should. We discuss any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing during activity, or even stiffness in muscles after periods of inactivity, and any other general feeling of body tension. I then work the session to reorganise the body.

Emmett therapy is done with the client fully clothed, and can be done standing, seated or lying on the treatment table.

Emmett therapy is  a fast and efficient way to reset muscles.


Up to 60 minutes - $90


"Your body is prepared to tell you what it needs, are you are prepared to listen."



The lower back pain that I was having has gone after the Emmett Technique session you did with me on Wednesday. Still can't believe that what you do has such an immediate effect on my body, it seems so simple but it's so effective. Thanks, I will call you again when I need some more work done. I can cope so much better at work now that the pain has gone. - Sarah P

I heard from a friend about her excitement of discovering Emmett technique, she had previously suffered immense pain for many years. Once I realised it was a therapy that works on muscles it made complete sense, so I decided to give it a go, also being non invasive and you kept your clothes on was a plus. Previously I'd tried chiropractors and physiotherapists always going home feeling worse, after Emmett therapy I feel totally opposite. My neck was the main issue, having had two separate car accidents being left with chronic pain for many years and also having sinus problems. After seeing Estelle since early this year with 4 - 6 weeks between visits I haven't had to use heat packs or require pain relief. My husband of 30 years has also witnessed the obvious changes. I can do so much more now, it has changed our lifestyle. I couldn't recommend Estelle or this therapy highly enough. - Hetty Laning

I was in excruciating pain from my right shoulder to my finger tips for 2-3 months, I could not play golf for most of that time or could I hit any golf balls on the golf range, which was not much good since I am a golf Coach, and need to demonstrate at times. I was not able to sleep properly and was on very strong drugs to help manage the pain. I had 2 of my students recommend Estelle at Bodymanager, so I thought why not. After just 2 sessions with Estelle my pain had decreased around 80%. I have referred a half a dozen more of my students who have all said they have improved. Surprising !!! - Graeme

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