Do have body pain that may be causing you physical or emotional pain?

The kind of pain you live with daily that impacts on your life such as headaches, back pain, sciatica, tight shoulders, neck and head pain or emotional pain that constantly feels like it is doing your head in.

Living with any kind of pain is draining, not only does it affect you but also those around you. Imagine how enjoyable your life would be without pain. By taking the tension off the muscles the body becomes more relaxed resulting in less pain, increased energy levels and a feeling of emotional well-being.

From my experience as a body therapist, by integrating Emmett Technique, Kinesiology & Neurotraining, Scar Tissue Release work, Lymphatic Drainage or Massage I find I can assist clients of all ages experience a more relaxed body and mind without creating more discomfort or further pain.

I want you to experience a better quality of life.

Take preventative action now to enhance and maintain your health with the ultimate aim to live a more balanced and healthy life with Bodymanager.

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Most people have no idea how well their body is designed to feel.

  • Get relief from pain, aches and joint stiffness, manage stress, release tight muscles, reduce headaches or tension and improve flexibility, become more in tune with your body.
  • Have more endurance and reduce the chance of injury in your workplace or chosen sport with a more efficient working body. Build strength and muscle power, enhance performance and have faster recovery time.
  • Or most importantly, unwind, get relaxed, take time out for yourself, be more relaxed, energised, focused and have a better head space.

Come and experience drug free, alternative therapies for relief from many types of chronic and acute pain.

I guarantee exceptional results for you. I want you to join others who tell me they feel like they have their life back thanks to Bodymanager.


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