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Do you want to improve your health, feel better about yourself, change how you feel and respond to events or situations in your life, have quality relationships, a better outlook on your world?

Sometimes, we allow certain circumstances, situations, expectations and relationships to come between us and the life we want. We don't do it intentionally or consciously but we do it.

Kinesiology and Neurotraining is a way of helping you to recuperate from various events in life that has conditioned your nervous system to respond in a predicable way.

We've all been conditioned from birth to act and respond in certain ways. Family values, inherited values, work and environmental values, all influence who we are and how we do our life. As we grow, get into relationships both at work and personally, we sometimes start to question what it is we are doing and in some cases find that those values no longer serve us.

Kinesiology & Neurotraining assists you to "re-train" how you view your life experiences and allows you to move beyond your challenges and expand your life.



Kinesiology & Neuro-training can help clients make huge changes in their lives.

A chemical, emotional or structural imbalance within the body can cause a wide range of health issues which may include allergies and food sensitivities, stress, nervous disorders, muscle, joint and bone pain, fatigue, headaches, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, learning difficulties and emotional issues.

This is very much a hands on natural therapy and clients feel and experience the difference when a change happens and learn how their body is responding to daily strains and stresses.



  • Have better personal and business relationships
  • Not be as emotionally reactive
  • Manage and conquer information overload
  • Clarify thinking and planning
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Have more energy, feel stronger
  • Be able to work with more endurance and have a general sense of being more functional in all areas of life
  • Not lose sight of the bigger picture, feel more centred
  • Have more functional and satisfying relationships
  • Manage food intolerance
  • Achieve goals



Everything we do has an effect on the body as a whole. Kinesiology & Neuro-training is used to find how and where a person is unable to adapt to all kinds of different issues and contexts. The focus is on better (neurological) solutions, so stress and your learned perception of events is changed  and motivation and other life changes are achieved.

Kinesiology & Neruo-training assists you to change your health patterns, as well as how you think, act and respond.



Kinesiology evolved from the American Chiropractor, George Goodheart in 1964. Kinesiology literally means the study of body movement; It is an approach to balancing the movement and interaction of a person's energy systems. Kinesiology & Neuro-training combines modern Western techniques with ancient Chinese medicine, using muscle testing to detect physical, chemical and emotional imbalances that may be impairing a person. By activating certain points on the body it brings the body and mind back to balance. It allows us to tap into the body's communication system.

I sometimes use the analogy of the way Kinesiology & Neuro-training works on your body as being like an electrical circuit board. As with a circuit board, if some of the wires are loose, not connected or not wired properly in the first place then the light bulbs or circuits won't work. If the system is overloaded in some way, then the electrical circuit blows out and doesn't function as it should.

Kinesiology & Neuro-training is a little like rewiring or reconnecting the wires and making sure there is no overload to your system so there is a complete functioning circuit. Your body and mind!



Kinesiology & Neuro-training can help clients have a change in attitude, belief systems and behaviours that are no longer serving them.

Excel at sport by learning to deal with performance under pressure, increase the quality of your performance naturally, with neurological changes to support you to be successful in your chosen sport or exercise.

Allergy and sensitivities can create imbalances and the whole immune system can be compromised. Kinesiology & Neuro-training retrains and resets the reactions and associations to certain foods and substances and gives organs and glands a better way of responding to the food or substance.

The phrase "use it or lose it" applies to more than the muscles in our body. It also applies to the neural pathways and connection in our brains. Stress and strain, an overload of information, workloads and deadlines seem to go hand in hand these days. Kinesiology & Neuro-training can help clear stresses that interfere with task co-ordination, planning, achieving goals and the ability to switch between tasks so you can achieve your potential or personal best.

On a simple level, tension, emotional and physical pain can accumulate in the body and this can cause physical symptoms such as muscle stiffness, fatigue and recurring illness. Self knowledge and personal changes take both time and patience but the long term effects are both powerful and long lasting.

Your body is prepared to tell you what is going on within, if you are prepared to listen, feel and observe.

Kinesiology & Neuro-training is an excellent tool to assist you to achieve your goals.



I take a client history and establish the clients' purpose and expectations for the session. We discuss symptoms or issues that may be affecting your life that you wish to address. The session is done with the client fully clothed and on a table. Occasionally you may be required to stand or sit during the treatment to allow different corrective processes to be applied.


Kinesiology & Neuro-training Session

60 minutes - $120

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"Let your past be your springboard, not your quicksand."



"I have experienced stress and anxiety problems in the past as a result of a very busy lifestyle. When I first visited Estelle, I was blown away by her knowledge and the variety of services she offered. Kinesiology techniques applied by Estelle alerted me to the underlying issues of my condition and was the turning point of me returning to health. Since then I have also been treated by Estelle using natural therapies such as massage and Emmett techniques to treat other physical injuries, relieve tension and maintain my mental and physical health. The best part of working with Estelle, is her caring nature and her passion and knowledge of her techniques. I enjoy working with Estelle because she is flexible in her practices and is able to focus completely on you as an individual, tailor making treatments that are specific to your needs. I have been visiting Estelle since her clinic first opened and will continue to do so into the future". - Jaime Underwood

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