About The Work I Do


My clients are seeking relief and significant improvement from pain, muscle tension and other physical symptoms.

They are looking for balance in their life and the ability to perform at their peak.

My clients are also seeking relaxation and time out from busy lives.

Clients are often experiencing some of these symptoms:

- Headaches, tension, muscle  aches, joint pain, disturbed sleep and recurring illness
- Feeling distracted by physical or emotional pain,  unable to focus on tasks at hand both professionally and personally
- Maintaining the same problems, issues or conflicts throughout their business and personal life
- Not having enough energy to cope with life in general
- Being over reactive to situations, other people at work or within families or relationships
- Feeling that life isn't quite "right"

The work I do can help change their life.


They experience:

- Reduction or elimination of muscle,body and joint pain
- Reduced tension, easier breathing,.may assist with headaches
- Better sleep patterns
- Clearer thinking and decision making
- An improved quality of life
- The ability to develop better balance in life to achieve their potential
- Feeling really relaxed but more alert
- Increased energy
- Being able to prioritise and be more productive and time efficient
- Having better quality relationships




In my clinics, you will find a calm, supportive, peaceful atmosphere where you can relax and feel safe and comfortable.

I assess your posture, observe any restrictions in range of movement that you may have. We discuss physical complaints and any other issues or conflicts you may be experiencing. I then work on solutions and strategies for making positive change, and better outcomes for your total body management.

I use a combination  of Emmett Therapy, MassageKinesiology, Scar Tissue Release Therapy and Lymphatic drainage therapy in sessions to assist with physical and emotional changes for clients. These therapies work well for clients of all ages. I have worked with clients from 15 days old through to 102 years old.

Sometimes our habits values and beliefs, no longer serve us in our present life situation: I work with my clients to be able to do life "their way".

I believe everyone has enormous potential and I work with you to achieve this. You can then perform every day to your full potential and achieve more in life both personally and professionally.

I would love to help you do the same. Have a look at my individual services pages, and feel free to contact me for more information or to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.


"Be led by your dreams, not pushed by your problems."

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