Is your body affecting your game? Would you like increased accuracy and consistency of your golf swing? Do you want to increase your grip strength? Would you like to lower your handicap?

Estelle from Bodymanger uses Emmett Technique to help increase muscle efficiency in the hand and forearms for better hand strength; help reduce muscle tension in the lower back, hips and shoulders to improve your body’s range of movement, core stability and strength.

Working on specific points on the legs and feet can improve your balance, an important part of your golfing game.

Keeping your body maintained and working as efficiently as possible with these simple and highly effective treatments, are an excellent way to assist you to prevent injuries and pain and avoid time off the course.

Shift your focus from pain or restrictions, to technique and enjoying golf.

Stay on top of your game.



Do you want to increase your cycling efficiency?

For the serious to recreational cyclist, Bodymanager therapies can help you reduce fatigue, cramps, hand and feet numbness, tight neck muscles and may shorten any recovery time.

Get increased strength, especially in leg muscles for more energy and better circulation. Estelle from Bodymanager uses a combination of Emmett Therapy, Kinesiology and sport massage therapy to relax tense and fatigued muscles and can teach you how to train your nervous system using Kinesiology Power Points to keep the muscles working more efficiently and give you faster recovery during and after cycling. 

Improve your cycling comfort, performance and endurance.


If you’re looking for drug free, alternative ways to get muscles more responsive, recovering faster and working in sync so you can avoid injury and time off from your chosen sport or exercise program, then the techniques I can show you will definitely assist.  Overuse, repetitive movements and fatigue can “switch off” muscles. By using specific kinesiology and Emmett therapy points on your body, the neurology circuits to particular muscles may then work optimally. This equates to the muscles working as efficiently as possible.

Train smarter, not harder is a well-used phrase. However, with these techniques you are in a way, training the muscles to be smarter so you can train harder.


Don’t wait until you’re broken….there is a solution for those tired and aching bodies.

Physically demanding jobs using heavy tools and materials, working in confined spaces, working bent over for long hours can cause the common complaints of lower back pain and shoulder injuries as well as pain to the rest of your body.

I work to help improve your overall health and wellbeing so you can pursue your trade for years to come with less pain and injuries and having to take time off work to recover.

Reducing or removing pain allows you to enjoy your down time as well.


Want to improve your concentration, think clearer and retain information better?

Long hours hunched over books or at the computer can cause both physical and psychological stresses resulting in anxiety, depression, broken sleep, eye strain, neck and shoulder pain and headaches.

Learn ways to manage stress often associated with the pressure to perform and meet study deadlines. Bodymanager techniques and therapies can help you get out of your head for a while, get relaxed and lower stress levels.

Maximise your potential.


If you have to meet deadlines, deal with staff and the public, spend excessive time on computers, mobile phones etc that may or may not be ergonomically correct for your body, then these can take their toll on your body and your mind. Stress, headaches, tight shoulder and neck muscles, RSI in wrists are just some of the symptoms that clients come to Bodymanager with.

By using therapies to take change muscle tension to help relax the body and the mind, you can experience a clearer headspace, think clearer, make better decisions and be more productive.

I also provide onsite corporate work for workplace health and wellbeing, I can assist staff to set workspaces up to be more ergonomically friendly which helps avoidd fatigue and body pain.

Emmett Therapy and Seated Chair Massage is also done on staff taking a short amount of time away from their workspace. this can help increase their feeling of being appreciated for the work they do, reduce stress and help avoid workplace injuries. Staff can feel realxed but alert, more productive and less likely to need time away from work to recover from injuries or stress. A worthwhile investment.

A relaxed body=a relaxed mind.


We spend a lot of time at our places of work and more often than not they can be places of high stress and pressure to perform.

My favourite saying to clients is “stress makes you stupid”

Think about it….when you’re stressed you don’t think clearly, you get reactive to situations that might not normally upset you, you muddle up your words, you forget things, you can get clumsy and uncoordinated and that’s where injury and accidents can happen. Yes….stress makes you stupid in a way.

What happens when you calm down and relax?  You remember things, you can make better decisions, and you might think twice before doing something physically incorrect that may cause injury.

I assist clients with injury recovery and management, using physical therapies to get rid of muscle and structural pain; I listen and give strategies to clients to take control of their lives for the better, to change the way they think and feel about life.

Get the mind and body connection happening, avoid injuries or recover faster.   Look after your“self”.


Having chronic pain or chronic fatigue can cause not only physical pain but emotional pain as well.  Living with constant pain or tiredness and being told  “there is nothing more that can be done”; “I’ll write you a script”;  “you look fine just get on with it”; “it’s all in your head”; “stop whinging, there are people worse off than you”; can be quite devastating.

Clients have on occasions cried with relief during sessions. Not only from physical pain relief but from relief that there is an answer to long term chronic pain and fatigue, which they thought they just had to live with. They then sleep better, exercise with less strain and pain and generally feel more positive and happy. Being able to focus on the future, instead of focusing on the pain throughout the whole body, gives them their life back.

Get on with your life in a far better way.


I read an article that pretty much summed up what I hear from clients who have these issues.

“Having anxiety and depression is like being scared and tired at the same time. It’s the fear of failure but no urge to be productive. It’s wanting friends but hate socialising. It’s wanting to be alone but not wanting to be lonely. It’s caring about everything, then caring about nothing. It’s feeling everything at once, then feeling paralysingly numb.” (Anxiety & I)

Having anxiety and depression can be an overwhelming feeling. One of the problems is that it’s not something you can actually show anyone. There are no bruises or cuts to be able to say, "see, this is what hurts". It’s an internal bruising and beaten up feeling that is not visible to anyone but you.

I can often see when someone is anxious or depressed, or just feeling that life isn’t quite right for them, by their body language. Often what people say, and what they do, are two different things. They may present with physical symptoms such as headaches, body pain, ulcers, feeling constantly sick, confused, not being able to sleep well. Sometimes, they won’t even say anything but the head down, eyes downcast and empty looking, arms folded, hunched shoulders, shuffled walk can all indicate that all is not well. On the other hand, the over the top laughing, joking, big smile, people pleaser, can also hide a very troubled soul.

Sometimes family and friends are too emotionally involved to be able to help. Finding others who are going through the same ordeals and feelings can be helpful,but sometimes it’s hard to open up and ask for help. For whatever reason, people do open up to me and find that the therapies I use and techniques that I show them to use on themselves can help. I’ve had clients come back and say they now feel like they have their life back.

Taking the time to ask someone, "are you OK", but also seeing what they aren't saying, can make a huge difference to someone's life.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. You are not alone….


As much as we love our babies and children it can still be a pretty challenging time. To start, being pregnant can cause emotional and physical changes, Emmett Therapy can alleviate aches and pains pre and post labour.

Babies that experience a difficult birth, or who have been in odd positions during the pregnancy can be born with muscle restrictions and sometimes the head doesn’t turn properly which interferes with the feeding process. Wind for the baby, a flat head spot, and sore nipples for the mum can be a result. There is an excellent, safe, gentle Emmett Technique move to help change the neck and shoulder tightness for baby that alleviates this.

Bladder weakness is a fairly common problem among mums. Remember when you could sneeze, laugh, cough and jump up and down without having to worry about peeing accidently!!  Well don’t think you are the only one and definitely don’t think that’s as good as it gets now! I use an Emmett therapy technique to help strengthen the bladder to assist or eliminate the incontinence issue. No specific ongoing exercises or pads to wear.

As your child grows, behaviour and learning challenges can become an issue. These children, I find are highly intelligent but can still be influenced by retained primitive and postural reflexes that can affect their balance and coordination and they find it extremely hard to concentrate and sit still. Using sessions of Kinesiology for identifying which reflexes are still present and working with those, can help children to settle and be happier at school and home.


As we get older, sometimes our mind says we can do it, but our body tells us otherwise.

Injuries and lifestyle can restrict movement causing aches and pain, but movement is the only way to get the lymphatic and blood system kicking along and helping you to feel better. If you aren’t moving much, then the cycle of I can’t move because it hurts, but it also hurts because I can’t move happens. Catch22.

Bodymanager therapies such as Emmett therapy, can help alleviate some of your aches and pains in a gentle easy way. If you’re already in pain, I certainly don’t wish to cause more.

The therapies can be done over clothing and seated if you require. Anything from 10 minutes to longer sessions are available.


You know the type of pain I’m talking about!

Getting out of bed or a seat is an ordeal!  Stabbing pain to the lower back causes you to groan and moan..It takes you 3 metres before you can get upright, if you’re lucky!. Coughing even causes is to hurt.

Putting on socks, forget it…..thongs seem like a great alternative.

 And lifting your leg to get your underwear on…well that’s another story. 

It’s that ripping, agonising, nagging pain right across the lower back. Like a permanent toothache. Fine if you don’t have to move, but not so helpful when you have to work, look after children, play sport and try to get on with your life.

Emmett technique is an excellent way to undo the pain you have.

Don’t let lower back pain slow you down.

And the list goes on….


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