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Are you wanting to get relief from pain and muscle strain, manage stress or just take some time out from your busy life?

The best advice is to live a less stressful and busy life. But it isn’t always that simple.

Second choice – or maybe first!   Get a great massage!

I offer a variety of styles to suit your needs. I want you to leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and at ease in your body and mind.



Massage is a kind of a jump start for your stress and body management. The benefits of the full body massage that I offer at my Banora Point massage clinic are far ranging and different for everyone but all have a positive impact on your life. My full body massage is based on the hawiian lomi lomi style and full body therapeutic sport style massage courses I trained in. The massage integrates other therapies I studied as well. By using these techniques It may assist you with:

- Relief from chronic or acute muscle or body pain
- Assist with injury management
- Reduce headaches and migraines
- Sleep deeper and more relaxed
- Feel more energised
- Feeling elaxed but more alert
- Less brain fog
- Increased libido
- More flexibility



We discuss what you want to obtain out of the session; relaxation, flexibility, relief from chronic or acute muscle or body pain, support for injury management. I assess your posture and range of movement and work out the best possible solution for your total body management.

I recommend an hour of treatment for you to get the most benefit from your massage. If you really want to chill out. . If you have time limits, I can accommodate shorter session times to 30 minutes.



During the massage I am constantly observing how your body is adapting or holding tension and this is where I sometimes add in other therapies that I know.  Emmett therapy for easy muscle releases and kinesiology for switching muscles on or off. Most times my clients are not aware of the extra work I do but they usually notice a difference after the massage in their posture and muscle tension or tone. This is where I differ from being “just another massage therapist”.



When I massage I include the whole body; scalp, face, hands and feet. While the style is always similar, no two massages are the same.  I don’t do deep tissue or remedial massage in my Banora Point massage clinic, however the way I work is effective and clients get results.

Some clients prefer a faster firmer massage to stay relaxed but alert, others a slower more flowing, and rhythmic massage for total relaxation. I work to deliver the perfect massage for your needs on the day.

You are always appropriately covered, and I respect your privacy. I use background music and once a client is on the treatment table I prefer not to talk to allow you total benefit from the natural therapy massage.

Most of my clients get off the table feeling as if they have just woken up from the best night sleep ever! Relaxed, chilled out, ready to get back to life and able to cope with whatever life challenges them with.

My goal for my clients is to improve their overall quality of life as well as having a great massage.




60 minutes - $90

The Full Body Massage is a blend of all my training. You can expect to leave feeling relaxed and feeling amazing.

In addition to its relaxation benefits, the Full Body Massage is perfect for clients who are looking for relief from headaches, neck and shoulder tension, lower back pain, joint pain, and can alleviate injuries and muscle tension.

For anyone with a sluggish body system, this massage will assist the lymphatic system to work more efficiently.

Clients in training for marathons or competition, or any active person who need the body and muscles in the best possible condition to perform, then a more thorough sport massage style is used to maintain fitness, health and wellness.

A primary benefit is time to unwind and be away from the strains of everyday life. The Full Body Massage helps to reconnect the mind-body links that can be lost through busy lifestyles. This enables your physical and emotional sides to work together to combat future physical and mental stress.

Massage can facilitate a natural unwinding process leaving you feeling totally relaxed but more energised, have less brain fog and an increase in energy among numerous other benefits.

Lose tension, feel relaxed, think clearer.

Now who wouldn’t want to experience some of those changes.


10 minutes - $20

Too busy to relax?

Then the seated chair massage may be just what you need.  Back, shoulders, arms, neck and head are included in this fully clothed, no oil massage. Excellent for the busy person who needs a quick fix to get back to their busy life.

Seated chair massage is also excellent for those who dislike the use of oil or who prefer a massage over clothing.

The seated chair massage is also a great way for businesses to help reduce staff tension and sometimes reward them for great service. Mobile onsite corporate work is available on request.



"Thanks for working with me to help with my lower back pain. I used to think that massage was a luxury but I realise now that for me, it's job security. I wouldn't be able to cope without these regular sessions." Steve D.

"You know you've had an amazing massage when you catch yourself drooling.. LOL. Thanks Estelle. That was the best massage I've ever had!" Jaime U.

"I don't know what it is you do, but that was so different to any massage I've ever had, I was so relaxed and I found that two days later I was still feeling the effects." Peter B.

"Thanks again, I've recommended you to some of my work colleagues. My headaches have all but disappeared and I can concentrate so much better at work. I will call you to arrange some more sessions." Sue H.


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