Thank you to my clients who have sent me these testimonials and feedback.




My first pain free night in a long time. THANKYOU. Whatever you did on me for the heel pain has given me relief at last, I've also noticed that my balance is better too, so that's a bonus as well. Thanks again.
Judith B. 55




EMMETT treatment has helped me move past a painful recovery point after suffering an injury. The pain free and non-invasive treatment has helped to release and retrain muscle groups that were not responding to other traditional treatments. After suffering an injury in an accident my muscles were not working correctly and an exercise program just made the muscles strong in the wrong place.

I have had constant pain mainly in my hips and walk with a limp for the past 13 years after suffering an injury. I have been to chiropractors, doctors and physios for treatment, some of which caused more pain and I never found much change to my pain levels. After the first session with Estelle I noticed immediate changes, amazing, seeing as she doesn’t seem to be doing much.
 I'm very grateful to a friend who recommended Estelle and her work using the Emmett Therapy as it is helping to restore my life's balance. Thank you Estelle for your patience and encouragement in helping me and for restoring hope for a pain free future.
Eunice.F. Gold Coast




Estelle has helped me get back into my love, yoga. I have an old injury and some congenital structural challenges that have continually led to me having to withdraw from a daily practice to avoid creating more damage. This has been very frustrating as I wanted a practice to build up my strength and flexibility to overcome these same issues longterm! Choosing to see Estelle fortnightly and then monthly as I stepped back into my daily practice kept my body balanced so I could build up the strength and flexibility I needed without creating further injuries. I am now confident that I can continue a daily practice longterm and that it will be nurturing to my body as well as my soul. Thanks Estelle!




I heard from a friend about her excitement of discovering Emmett technique, she had previously suffered immense pain for many years.  Once I realised it was a therapy that works on muscles it made complete sense, so I decided to give it a go, also being non invasive and you kept your clothes on was a plus.  Previously I'd tried chiropractors and physiotherapists always going home feeling worse, after Emmett therapy I feel totally opposite.  My neck was the main issue, having had two separate car accidents being left with chronic pain for many years also sinus problems.  After seeing Estelle since early this year with 4 - 6 weeks between visits I haven't had to use heat packs or require pain relief.  My husband of 30 years has also witnessed the obvious changes.  I can do so much more now, it has changed our lifestyle.  I couldn't recommend Estelle or this therapy highly enough. Hetty Laning




I was in excruciating pain from my right shoulder to my finger tips for 2-3 months, I could not play golf for most of that time or could I hit any golf balls on the golf range, which was not much good since I am a golf Coach, and need to demonstrate at times.
I was not able to sleep properly and was on very strong drugs to help manage the pain.
I had 2 of my students recommend Estelle at Body Manager, so I thought why not.
After just 2 sessions with Estelle my pain had decreased around 80%.
I have referred a half a dozen more of my students who have all said they have improved.
Surprising !!!

Graeme T.



I with Estelle at Bodymanager is her caring nature and her passion and knowledge of her techniques. I enjoy working with Estelle because she is flexible in her practices and is able to focus completely on you as an individual, tailor making treatments that are specific to your needs. I have been visiting Estelle since her clinic first opened and will continue to do so into the future". Jaime Underwood.




I was feeling very down and challenged by normal life tasks, the thought of grocery shopping or doing a load of washing was all too hard. After my kinesiology session with Estelle, I noticed a new attitude towards a variety of situations, I was looking forward to uni and I got the courage to start back at the gym. I am starting to feel normal again thanks to my kinesiology session with Estelle
Adele B. 27




I burnt my hand badly with a spilt cup of boiling water and had been unable to participate in the cycle event for two days because of the pain and not being able to use the hand to brake.
Estelle offered to do some kinesiology points for burns and by just doing what seemed a really simple movement, in about 4 minutes the pain lessened dramatically and within a couple of hours I was back on my bike. Amazing. Thanks so much.

Michael D. Bicycle Queensland participant.



Just letting you know that the shoulder pain I came to you for has gone. Thank you so much for the therapies you did for me I am used to remedial massage but your work has made a huge difference.  Also the information you gave me about using power training points for weight lifting has made a difference to my training. The other techniques you showed me to protect the other muscles so I don't reinjure myself have been invaluable too. Dwayne P. 27



I have had numerous massage therapy treatments from Estelle. Both at her clinic and in my own home. Estelle is extremely professional and explained all the techniques she would use and how they would benefit me. I get neck and back pain regularly and found bodymanager natural therapies certainly helped me relieve the pain and tension I was experiencing. Estelle has a friendly and positive nature and is very knowledgeable in her profession, she made me feel very relaxed and I look forward to my next massage.
Amelia Batchelor- Murwillumbah



Thanks so much to Estelle and her massage team throughout the cycle tour for Bicycle Queensland, they were invaluable.
Graeme Wigg



Ten years ago after some forty years of passive forms of activity, I recommenced running, cycling and triathlons and this led to many previously dormant muscles and tendons protesting and triggering frequent aches and pains. Fortunately I discovered Estelle from Bodymanger and for the past 7 years I have had regular massages, consultations and treatments.
Combined, these visits have alleviated the pain and strengthened my muscular coordination. Estelle's advice and associated techniques have been very beneficial to my overall wellbeing and my ability to continue my athletic pursuits.

John MacGregor-Skinner 70



I just want to thank you for your amazing pregnancy massage yesterday. I slept pain free in my hips for the first time in months! Thank you! Izzy P.

"Thanks you so much Estelle for the most wonderful pregnancy massage I've ever had! I managed to sleep so much better and haven't felt that relaxed throughout my whole pregnancy. Best of all bub was relaxed too. I've been using the relaxation techniques you showed me as well, and I now feel a much deeper connection to my baby. Thank you again" Raeleen Draper



I attend regular massage sessions with Estelle for maintenance. I was introduced to power training, and using the techniques Estelle taught, I experienced fantastic results during training. Power training has increased my endurance and prevented early muscle fatigue and I have faster recovery.
Daniel T. 30 , Athlete



Estelle possesses an intimate knowledge of kinesiology, emmett technique and associated natural therapies bodywork modalities including relaxation and Lomi Lomi massage.

Working intensively with Estelle in a voluntary capacity with Bicycle Queensland, I was constantly amazed at Estelle's ability to provide rapid, pain relief to clients with a myriad of acute and chronic complaints.

Through gentle intervention, Estelle's techniques stimulate the body to recognize, and then reset the pain causing dysfunction. Recognising the cause of the dysfunction, rather than just the symptom, Estelle will provide programs for stretching and strengthening to provide lasting, holistic health.

For those who are unable to tolerate uncomfortable interventions such as trigger point therapy, or simply wish to be treated in a caring and friendly environment, I highly recommend Estelle's bodywork techniques for lasting pain relief and enhanced health..

Dale Schubert, Remedial Massage Therapist


I first heard about Estelle through friends that had visited her. I asked questions prior to my first visit, I was a little unsure of the treatments as typically most are educated to refer the doctors for back pain or the chiropractor for some physiotherapy. Emmett therapy was used on my lower back, Estelle would get me to move about to visually see my pain through her eyes by the way I would walk, slouch sit or stand. She would use points on my body to move me back into shape where needed releasing pressure on points of my back. She helped me realize the pain was triggered from other areas on my body like my neck. My first visit was fantastic; I have been back so many times.

This year I was suffering from anxiety, I had tried many different therapies and nothing would escape me from the pain I was experiencing in my head. Estelle used Kinesiology to find out what issues I was battling, she helped me find ways to relax when the triggers were coming back. We discussed my nutrition and some other ways I could manage my anxiety and helped me to realize the big things I was battling weren’t so big. Estelle was really good for a sounding board and knew where to direct the conversations to help me find the answers needed.

I recently had been experiencing some lower back pain due to hectic gym workouts. I exercise regularly and was lifting to heavier weights then my back could cope with. The pain was so bad it depressed me at work and the gym, thankfully Estelle educated me on points to help me lift better and more at the gym, Emmett therapy helped reduce the build-up of pain and the twisting shooting pain up my back. Estelle has helped me to manage my body and ways to listen to my body through breathing techniques and points to rub and push to reset ready for my next exercise. I highly recommend Estelle at Bodymanger, really good support even when an appointment isn't booked Estelle has coached over the phone.

My daughter had leg pain every morning after waking up and struggled to walk around the house crying her leg hurts. After visiting the Gp they refered her to radiology for an ultrasound finding fluid on her hip. Estelle has helped the pain to move away using Emmett Therapy and exercising Jaylie and getting her to walk around between sessions to visually see the pain then working on the points again to release the pressure. Jaylie has been the best she has been since visiting Estelle.

Dwayne P.

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